CPAN116 – Algorithms & Problem Solving – Quiz 1

Question: What output can be expected after the following lines of pseudo code:

Declare Integer i, j
Set j = 10
Set i = i – j – j * 2
the value of i is

Answer: This will cause an error


Question: Given the following pseudo code, what is the value of var3?

Declare Integer var1, var2, var3
Set var1 = 23
Set var2 = 4
Set var3 = var1 + var2
Set var3 = var3 – var1 * 2

Answer: -19


Question: Given the following pseudo code, what is the value of number3?

Declare Integer number1, number2, number3
Set number1 = 23
Set number2 = 4
number3 = number1 % number2

Answer: 3


Question: What is the result of this expression?
6.0 / 3.0 + 1.0 * 4.0

Answer: 6.0


Question: Given the following pseudocode, which of the following statements will give the variable result the value 2.0?

Declare Integer myInt = 2
Declare lnteger yourInt = 4

Declare Real result = 0
result = yourInt / myInt


Question: Which of the following pseudo code fragments has the correct syntax for reading an integer from the keyboard? Choose the best answer.

Declare Integer myNumber
Display “Enter a number”
Input myNumber


Question: In pseudocode, the word that we use to make a variable constant is:

Answer: Constant


Question: What is true of variables? (Check ALL the right answers)

Answer: they have a name, they can be used to store data, the data in them can change, they have a data type, and their name should start.


Question: It is a tool and sometimes called as informal language that is used to write an algorithm but is not meant to be compiled or executed.

Answer: pseudocode


Question: Find and fix the error in following pseudocode:

1. Declare Integer num1, num2, result
2. Set num1 = 5
3. Set num2 = 10
4. Set num1 * num2 = result
5. Display result

Line number 4 is responsible for an error. Fix the assignment statement as:
result = num1 *num2


Question: Write a pseudo code statement to declare a variable called hoursPay that can hold hourly pay rate. In the next statement, set the value of the variable to 25.50

Declare Real hoursPay
Set hoursPay = 25.50


Question: In a math expression, multiplication and division take place before addition and subtraction.

Answer: True


Question: According to the pseudocode standards being followed for this course, is it an error not to include a data type of the variable in the declaration statement?

Answer: True


Question: Given the expression 12 + 7
What are the values on the right and left of the + symbol called?

Answer: operands


Question: Which operator performs division, but instead of returning the quotient it returns the remainder?

Answer: modulus


Question: Consider the identifiers:

i) fr6uit
ii) 1name
iii) name2
iv) student number
v) studentNumber

Which ones are good variable names that obey both the rules of pseudo code syntax and the naming conventions?

Answer: i, iii, v


Question: What is the major difference between an Integer and a Real? Choose the best answer.

Answer: One can store numbers with fractions and the other cannot.


Question: Which of the following is not a word used to declare or initialize or print a variable in pseudocode?

Answer: Output


Question: Pseudo code a statement that ask for a Real number as input from keyboard.

Declare Real myInput
Display “What is your decimal?”
Input myInput


Given the following initialized variables:

Declare Integer num1, num2,num3
Set num1 = 2
Set num2 = 3
Set num3 = 4

Match the following operations with expected outputs.

num1 * num1 * num2 * num2 : 36
num2 – num1 + num3 – num1 : 3
num3 / num1 : 2
num3 % num1 : 0

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